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Our Story

The History of Ambassador

          A small group of believers began to meet for services at Vern May Photo Studio, under the name of “The Baptist Fellowship” in 1983. On February 6, the fellowship invited Pastor Bruce Henry to shepherd the group.

          As the group moved toward formal organization as a new church, many potential names were considered. Ambassador Baptist Church was selected on May 1, 1983, with the prayer that God would allow the church to always demonstrate that spirit in proclaiming the divine message to humanity. The decision was made to pursue legal incorporation under this name.

          Ever since those early days, Ambassador has been guided by the three-fold vision: 1) Glorifying God, 2) Evangelizing the lost, and 3) Building the Christians.

          On April 1, 1984, a special Charter Service formalized the organization of Ambassador Baptist Church. Guest speaker Dr. Walter Olsen rejoiced in God’s blessings and challenged the new congregation to stand on God’s Word.

          Ambassador was contacted in June 1985, about the possibility of purchasing the Lexington Avenue property for much less than its appraised value. To be able to afford this overwhelming expense, it was noted that “it would be necessary that we see an additional $500 per month” in giving, or $30/month per family. The Lord overcame initial reticence on the part of its bank, and the church took out a mortgage and moved in November 1985. An additional city lot to the east was purchased in 1989, and two residential lots on the south side in 2000.  An extensive on-site renovation project began in May 2022, and our current building opened its doors for ministry on March 26, 2023.

          As Ambassador looks forward to the future, let us thank God for His abundant provision and divine enabling these past 35+ years. Let us recall the vision of being Ambassadors, as a church and as individuals who comprise it.

Join us as we continue to
follow God's leading!

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